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crostoli di carnevale recipe

CROSTOLI DI CARNEVALE RECIPE These are an absolute favourite of ours and we look forward to making and eating them around this time of year.    These fried sweet pastries topped with icing sugar are addictive and reminds us of our childhood. Each year in Italy especially around Carnival season before Lent and Easter you will see […]


butternut squash gnocchi recipe

Butternut squash gnocchi recipe Autumn my favourite season, the changing colours of the trees, the smell of wood fire in the air, conkers on the floor and the amazing seasonal produce that is available. As the nights become longer and the air cooler this is the time of the year where staying indoors and cooking […]


gluten free spinach pasta

GLUTEN FREE SPINACH PASTA Gluten free spinach pasta is 100% GLUTEN FREE, made with organic rice flour, 2% dried spinach and water. ARTISAN MADE AND STONED MILLED THE TRADITIONAL WAY .


aged balsamic vinegar recipes

AGED BALSAMIC VINEGAR RECIPES In our June 2015 blog edition we looked at the ageing process and how our Elisir Balsamico di Refosco balsamic vinegar is made. In this blog will be looking at some easy recipes which incorporates the wonderful product. We have had a lot of enquiries from customers on what our balsamic can be used on […]


Granita al caffe’ recipe In Italy’s hot summers this icy slushy style espresso topped with whipped cream is enjoyed in all the coffee shops by the locals and its an ideal refreshing tasty dessert for anyone who loves a coffee fix. I have put together a small recipe to show how easy it is to make and how […]

PEPERONATA Italian vegetable stew

PEPERONATA Italian vegetable stew recipe. This dish is an absolute favourite of mine, an Italian stew, the process is so simple and yet this dish is packed full of nutrients antioxidants and does contain your 5 a day vegetable intake. Ideal for vegetarians and vegans. It can be served hot on a cold winter’s day by […]

OVEN BAKED PASTA RECIPE (pasta al forno)

OVEN BAKED PASTA RECIPE (pasta al forno)   Pasta al forno can add a different dimension to your normal pasta dish and is a firm favourite for the Italians, usually consumed on the Sunday or on a bank holiday with the family. There are so many variations ranging from the sauce, a simple tomatoe sauce or […]