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When asked if I am more of a sweet person or a savoury person my answer will always be “ sweet”, I would be the person that at a meal in a restaurant I would look at the dessert menu rather than the starters…. You have guessed it, my main weakness in life is sugary treats and as result I felt that our Italian product range lacked something sweet.

So in my quest to bring a little Italian sweetness, I was excited to stumble across this family run company in Sicily producing a “Nutella” style spread and best thing of all they have various flavours to choose from. When we first sampled them our taste buds where just overwhelmed they do taste good, this was also the case with customers at our food festivals.

However at times there was confusion and doubt as of what to do with these spreads ….so we have been baking, sipping, stirring, cooking and sampling and have come up with a few ideas and recommendations …but don’t take our word for it, the beauty of these spread is that you can experiment to your hearts content.

choc spread new                           almond spread new                             coffee spread new



Slice a panettone.. toast it, and whilst its still hot spread some dark chocolate, finish off with whipped cream and icing sugar …divine ..Reminds me of an Italian Christmas..

Grab one of your instant hot chocolate sachets and add a teaspoon of dark chocolate spread…this will enhance the drink.                                                                                                          choc blog


For those nut lovers, this spread will go ideal with just about anything.

Add to your cup of coffee or your hot chocolate.

Bored of your porridge every morning? Vamp it up by spooning the spread into the mixture this will add a new level and make the porridge more interesting.

almond blog




As mentioned before you can add this flavour to your coffee it’s a great substitute to sugar and syrups.

If you are a coffee lover, this flavour is ideal with a plain toasted croissant cut it open and spread in the middle.



pistachio spread NEW lemon spread newarancia spreadcanella spread



This one is our top seller, and we know why…. It goes with just about anything , fancy a snack? toast some white bread or grab a fresh crunchy baguette and spread to your hearts content…

Instead of using maple syrup on your pancakes add this to it.

These spreads can be used in cakes!!! Here we made a double layer cake and in-between we filled it with the spread

(the full  recipe is in our previous blog click here..)

pistachio cake (4)



Add these to your cheesecake mixture, in a bowl add a couple of teaspoons of the spread and microwave for a minute or until the mixture is liquid then add to the cream cheese whilst mixing

Instead of butter frosting for your cupcakes add these spreads as your topping.



Cinnamon flavoured coffee, makes you feel all Christmassy.We made a Latte and instead of adding syrups or sugar

we added a teaspoon of spread…..yummy cinnamon blog

This can be done with the other flavour spreads too.

Add a teaspoon to your vanilla ice cream .

Whilst making ginger bread men add some spread to the frosting to decorate



And there you have it …there is a vast list of possibilities and recipes to experiment with so have fun and enjoy but a word of warning! you can become addictive to them and we take no responsibility.