Ciao a tutti, Hello everybody, welcome to the world of LA TRIESTINA DIARIES. My little place on the internet where I get to share with you my love for all things Italian on a monthly basis. Whether its food, lifestyle, recipes or just my experience at food festivals and what I get up to.

Well I say “I”, I’m just one of three, who owns this lovely little family run business, there is me “the young one”, my sister, and of course “the MAMMA” and lets not forget “PAPA'” who likes to help out at food events when he can.BLOG INTRO

We moved over from Italy our hometown Trieste, not long ago to the UK, why I hear you ask?. Well! I am half British, so I have roots here and I love both countries, also certain events have brought us back here, and because of that we decided to start a little business of our own ” La Triestina”. I love good quality food, wine and coffee, and you can really notice a difference, so having lived in the UK before , I know what you can find around, and to be honest  most of it is not as “authentic” as you think. So my mission was to bring to the UK, authentic good quality Italian products especially from our region Friuli Venezia Giulia and  travel to food festivals, supplying online and to Deli’s to share my love of food with you.

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 So I decided to blog about the real Italian lifestyle, yummy recipes only mamma      can do my love for baking so lots of sweet stuff!! and I wanted to share my experiences at our food festivals.

  I hope you enjoy following me on my virtual journey and I would love to hear from you    and see if any of my posts inspire you , don’t be afraid to share you photos of anything   Italian on our facebook or twitter.

Thank you for reading , grazie!!!

La Triestina diaries x