private lessons  “Pasta and Sauces”

private lessonsEver made fresh egg pasta from scratch, hand rolled without the help of the machine?

Ever wanted to try and make an authentic amatriciana sauce or ragu’ alla Bolognese. You will learn how to make different pasta shapes paired with their own sauces, what the different names mean and learn the art of eating like an Italian and learn to speak Italian too.

Learn how to make pasta al forno (baked pasta), gnocchi, stuffed pasta like ravioli, all in the comfort of your own home, the beauty is that you can eat your creations straight away. The lessons are fun and informal, you can have a one to one, invite friends or cook with the family.

Lessons start from £ 28.00 per person if there is a group of 4 you will receive a discount. Usually lasting a couple of hours, ingredients will be provided for you and you get to eat straight away your recipes or save them, you would have also learnt some Italian too.  Contact us to discuss and arrange.


” Antipasti/ Cicchetti”


Antipasti or Cicchetti if you are from the North is everyone’s favourite pre dinner nibbles even first course. The word antipasto means “before a meal” there is more to this than cheese and salumi and there are so many variations of food that you are spoilt for choice and at times there is so much to eat it replaces a meal.

If you are having a party , inviting friends for an informal evening or just fancy having an aperitif after a long day at work. we will show you how to prepare the perfect antipasto. You will learn how to prepare and also present your nibbles with the perfect wine to accompany your food.

You will learn different regional favourites, such as arancini, olive ascolane, polenta. You will marinate olives, make mini pizze, foccaccine and bruschetta and much more….contact us to discuss and arrange.




private lessons

If you are having a birthday, wedding or just a dinner evening with family and friends we can provide you with the food , ranging from a 3 to 4 course meal to just a wine and cheese pairing or even antipasti and apertifs.  Contact us to discuss and arrange