This season’s trend seems to be a lot of emphasis on nuts…and in particular pistachio nuts…..food festivals and Deli’s seem to be stocking this green wonder nut on their selves and so are we. Apart from its health benefits of lowering cholesterol and other diseases according to the Journal of Nutrition, this ingredient is so versatile that it can be used as a sweet or savoury dish.

Part of our new product range includes a sweet naughty but nice pistachio spread, all the way from Sicily in Italy where they are renowned for growing their pistachio nuts on the edge of a volcanic mountain, Mount Etna, because of this volcanic soil, the pistachio nuts themselves have a sweeter tendency, perfect for making this spread. Even though Italy is not well known for their sweet creations, the Sicilians do have a sweet tooth, and use pistachio in a lot of their recipes, the famous cannoli and the pistachio filing, cassata and their pastries ….

spread pistacchio


We would like to enlighten you with various suggestions and recipes in the coming months on the use of this spread. The spread can be enjoyed on your ice cream ….ideally on vanilla, pistachio or chocolate flavoured ice cream, grab a teaspoon and mix with the ice cream ….heaven!! ……why not create a cheesecake, in the cream cheese add a dollop of the spread and hey presto pistachio cheesecake…..or as I have it, in a croissant, toast the croissant under the grill and spread, to be enjoyed with a good espresso coffee, or if all of this is time wasting, you can even enjoy it on its own armed with a spoon, sofa and television!!!


We are also stocking a savoury pistachio pesto, still all the way from Sicily to be enjoyed on a plate of pasta, instead of your traditional basil pesto, the pistachio pesto will revamp your dish….. just add mascarpone in a pan with the pesto, this will make the sauce creamy and because there are 70% of pistachio nuts the texture of the pasta will be filled with crunchy nuts……..fantastico!!! che bonta’!!!

But did you know on a toasted bruschetta bread, and with your cheese is also a good way to enjoy this pesto? Why not try !! this will be a perfect addition to your summer antipasti.

pesto pistacchio 2                                pesto pistacchio


So there you have it, what you can do with pistachio is endless and hope you have fun experimenting with this spread and pesto, and see what you come up, share your ideas and recipes on our facebook page.

Grazie for reading, ciao!

La Triestina