gluten free turmeric pasta

Gluten free turmeric pasta

Gluten free turmeric pasta is 100% GLUTEN FREE, made with organic rice flour, turmeric powder and water. ARTISAN MADE AND STONED MILLED THE TRADITIONAL WAY .

Turmeric is this years wonder spice, with its anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties not only makes this pasta healthy but also its gluten free and organic.

We tried a couple a sauces for the turmeric pasta and they worked well, so we are going to share some simple, easy and quick recipe ideas.


Our range of gluten free pasta, chestnut, buckwheat, beetroot, spinach and turmeric



With this type of pasta you can be adventurous with the flavours, have you tried having your chicken korma or curry gluten free turmeric pastaand instead of rice add the pasta with it !!! it tastes pretty good.

How about an easy pasta bake using turmeric powder, curry powder, broccoli and courgettes (add cooked chicken if you want some meat). This is how you prepare it:

In a pan add some olive oil and a chopped onion, let it soften. Then add chopped courgettes and cook until soft, usually takes 15mins, if you find that the courgettes are sticking to the pan add some water. In the mean time in a separate pan boil some broccoli.

Make a home made béchamel sauce (melted butter, flour and milk, salt and pepper. There are no exact measurements just go by eye if you find the sauce too thick add some milk of too runny add some flour its all up to you if you like your pasta bake really saucy or dry and crispy)  add a couple of teaspoons of turmeric and curry powder, this will turn the sauce a lovely yellow colour.

Cook your turmeric pasta for a couple of minutes al dente, drain the water and place in a roasting tin.

Add the béchamel sauce with the courgettes and broccoli (add your cooked chicken if you like ) .

You will have the pasta covered with sauce now, add a few knobs of butter on the top and lots of grated cheese.

Cook at 180c for 20mins or until the top layer has formed a golden crust and enjoy!!!!!

You can substitute the broccoli and courgettes for red and yellow peppers. You can make a simple peperonata sauce, chop 1 onion, yellow and red peppers. In a pan add all the chopped vegetables and cook for a while then add a jar of tomato passata until it covers the veg and cook on low heat until the vegetables have softened serve with your turmeric pasta. (have a look at our previous blog on Peperonata it tells you the recipe)


Why not experiment with our other gluten free pasta range !! make a cold pasta salad!! or a pasta bake or just an ordinary sauce.




Established in 2006, this family run business based in the North-West region of Italy, Piemonte, had a plan to deliver good quality pasta with innovation and creativity by using the highest quality flour, locally produced and stone milled the traditional way.

gluten-free-pasta-platesThe gluten free organic spinach fusilli pasta are BRONZE-DIE, a “die” is a component of a press, a stamp, holes are made to shape the pasta, the water and flour mixture is passed though these holes.

A characteristic of bronze-die pasta is its surface if you look closer at the pasta you will see it rough in texture, this is because when passing through the bronze stamp the linings are not smooth. This allows the pasta to be cooked evenly allowing better digestion and for better sauce absorption. Whilst mass produced pasta its surface is shiny and yellow use the Nylon die pressing machine.

The pasta is then kept at a low temperature for the drying process, 16 to 18 hours. This is to preserve all the nutrients of the flour and its organic characteristic, making it tasty and easy to digest. Cooking times  6-8 minutes .However we found that adding a little extra couple of minutes to the indicated cooking time helped with the texture of the pasta as we have found 6 to 8 minutes was too much al dente